Clue #8

Onto the Mainstage where the music stars reign,
Hip hop’s Tribe towers, like Spinal Tap’s living rock, man!
You’ll find it Sunday afternoons where your journey must end,
Shuffling cars, not stars, in a giant Bumberjam.

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Bumbershoot Connection

As we near the end of this year’s Emerald City Search, it was time to have at least one music themed stanza. This clue (had it appeared) refers to a couple of the more notable music performances that appeared at Bumbershoot including A Tribe Called Quest and Spinal Tap. An important addition is the percussion tradition that is Bumberjam.

Clue Theme: Quest Field / Kingdome / Football

Beginning with the second line, Hip Hop’s Tribe refers to ‘Quest’ and Spinal Tap’s living rock is unquestionably Stonehenge. Quest directly refers to today’s Qwest Field and Stonehenge with its ancient quality refers to the previous building that used to occupy this place the Kingdome and it’s concrete structure. In addition the above the ivy along the fence where the medallion was hidden there were a number of photographs highlighting the old Kingdome days. The last two lines indicate the football theme: a game played on Sunday afternoons and the inevitable traffic jam that forms both before and after game day.