This year’s theme of Bumbershoot, and its 40-year history in Seattle, should help you narrow down the meanings within the clues. Many of Bumberhshoot’s acts, milestones, and specific arts and events will be referenced in the clues, but it is important to relate them in your mind to Seattle as a whole.

Each clue should help you in some way to get closer to the prize. Take what you learn from the wording, and your research, and see how you can apply it to Seattle-related locales, trivia, and information. Some clues will only make sense when you connect them later with new things you learn!

Some clues may be talking about the medallion itself, others about the area of Seattle it might be located in, and some could be double-meanings (or red herrings).

The Puzzlemasters’ Top 10 Tips to Help You Win

  1. Read the clue several times
  2. Do research online
  3. Check Twitter often
  4. Trust your instincts
  5. Try not to fixate on one location
  6. Beware of double meanings
  7. Visit your hunches
  8. Triangulate between clues
  9. Ask opinions of friends
  10. Have fun!

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