Come along this way, let me show you spectacles galore!
We’ll celebrate forty years with Maiman’s light show gems,
Seeing Jimi’s Red House exhibition and Stone Free concert,
Burnings bright, atop your prize, our show begins.

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Bumbershoot Connection

We are introducing the fact that Bumbershoot is celebrating its 40th anniversary. For many years Bumbershoot has been putting on “Spectacles” as part of the festival’s experience. One of those ‘spectacles’ was the 1982 Lasershow Bumberbeams. Another was Project Bandaloop in 1995, an aerial dance who performed aerobatics off the of side of the Space Needle. Jimi Hendrix, a Seattle native, received a large tribute at Bumbershoot in 1995 in which there was both a Red House exhibit and a Stone Free Concert. Lastly, “Burnings bright” refers to a practice that Bumbershoot did for many years where an artist or festival contributor would build a large art project and then, at the end of the festival, the piece would be ritually burned, much like “Burning Man.”

Clue Theme: Ruby

This clue is primarily designed to introduce our clue-telling host — someone who is somewhat akin to a Vaudevillian Master of Ceremonies or a carnival barker. Within the clue are three references made to ruby. First, reference is made to a forty year celebration where Rubies represent a traditional 40-year anniversary. Second, the Maiman’s light show refers to Theodore Maiman, the first to create a working laser using a Ruby Crystal. Finally, the two well-known Hendrix classics, “Red House” and “Stone Free” put together as ‘red stone’ also indicate the purpose behind our first clue. The Medallion-finder would soon learn that atop this year’s Medallion is a real 6mm Ruby which is the direct reference in the last line of the clue.